Peace is not for the dead

A long time ago I used to say, “Peace is for the dead.” But that was when I equated drama with excitement, like going to a movie and getting entertained.

With enough tripping and falling, I woke up to the fact that no, peace is not for the dead but for the living. And it’s because humans don’t experience enough peace that so much agony and conflict get created.

A person without peace is a person who can create a lot of problems for others. We all know that even when 49 of the 50 employees at the office get along fine with each other, that one who is toxic will poison the entire atmosphere and ruin relationships.

Like a single drop of toxin ruining a whole tank of water, it just takes one single unhealthy person to destroy whatever harmony and good efforts of the rest of the 49.

Want to solve the world’s problems? Experience peace. Want to make life easier for others? Achieve your own peace first.

Don’t focus so much on what’s wrong with the world. What is going on in yourself?

Now that’s not to say peace is the ONLY thing that will help. Getting fired up to make changes helps. Getting angry even helps to get fired up about doing something. But STAYING angry won’t help.

There’s truth in the song that goes, “Let peace begin with me.”


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