Is your mind taking you for a ride?

Your mind loves riddles. It wants to solve. It wants to arrive at an answer. It is like a math app. It does wonderful things for you day in and day out, so you can function as a human being.

Sometimes, however, it will respond to your fears by creating elaborate worst case scenarios via your imagination, compounding the fear.

Other times it will take one bit of information and spin it out of control, so that you are heading down a direction that takes you further and further away from what is true and relevant.

Then there are times when it replays old voices over and over so you feel absolutely awful.

You cannot replace your brain, but you can change your mind. You can get off the roller coaster and be in the driver seat of your life journey.

The mind can convince us of all kinds of things even if they don’t work or aren’t true. How to differentiate between mental quagmiring and your authentic true voice is the key.

Have you ever had your mind take you for a ride? What happened?


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